Monday, August 27, 2012

Appetizer – Killer Doll Dip

Story behind the recipe – Now and then a wave caught up to her feet, swirling over it
then retreating. The day had a gray cast to it, fog seeping over the jetties, as vendors set
up, a ritual performed with tenacious repetitiveness for decades. The air was filled with the
snap and flap of the cloth of many flags being placed outside of now opening businesses.
A thud sounded nearby. Her body swiveled toward the sound, and discovered a vendor
planting a beach umbrella in the sand, an advertisement for his chairs, rafts and colorful
umbrellas. Running behind him, she saw a familiar crop of thick, slightly wavy hair, a
profile that created spasms of delight as well as a shiver that contradicted the heat rises
up from the sand. It was him!

What you’ll need
- 1 Box Velveeta Processed Cheese
- 2 Cans premade chili
- 1 Jar Salsa
- Tortilla or cut raw vegetables or both

Steps to the process
- Ten minutes before you are ready for the dippers to consume, start!
- Take big bowl. Make certain it is microwave safe.
- Put cubed Velveeta in aforementioned bowl. One inch cubes are ideal. Half inch cubes
are better but it takes more time so add two minutes to advanced preparation time.
- Add chili...add salsa....We're guessing at this point you would like to know how much of
each. Good question. Equal volumes of each.
- Microwave and stir periodically. Once mused as a blend, not quite scalding to the touch
it is ready.
- Serve...Eat...Enjoy...
- Lie to your friends that this is an old family recipe and offer them hand-scribed copies.

Tagline from KILLER DOLLS - Unaware that bio-terrorists are using her handcrafted dolls
to attack the innocent, Letti Noel finds herself falling for Taut Johnson, an undercover FBI
agent. Even as deceit is a growing barrier to their love, it's the stalking terrorists that are a
threat to their lives. One that will change her forever after.

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