Sunday, August 26, 2012

Appetizer – “Cigars”

Story behind the recipe – During my Middle East – Africa experiences I came across
these nifty little appetizers at a private party. When I asked how to make them, my host
explained that was the cook’s job, but he would ask her to give me the recipe. When it
turned out to be so simple, I couldn’t resist thereafter serving them to my guests as
appetizers or cocktail party canapés. If you want to impress your guests, never let on how
simple this recipe is.

What you’ll need – Wontons enough for four or five per person, a package of herb
flavored goat cheese, cooking oil. (We used to season the cheese ourselves, but wonderful
varieties of seasoned cheeses are available at almost every grocery store in the U.S.)

Steps to the process
- Let cheese soften.
- Spoon a small amount of cheese into a wonton and then roll the wonton lengthwise
so it resembles a cigar shape.
- Heat oil in non-stick fry pan.
- Drop cigars in heated oil and cook until golden on all sides.
- Drain on kitchen paper.
- Serve warm.

Blurb from The Prince of Keegan Bay - Doll Reynolds, “captain” of her courtyard in
Keegan Bay Park, an age qualified manufactured home community in Daytona Beach, sees
her neighbor, Jessica Robbins, carrying a baby into her house during the night.
Moira Robbins, the baby's mother, is the widow of Hamid bin Wafiki, eldest son of the
sultan of Kushawa. She suspects that she is being hunted by an assassination squad intent
on eliminating the newest prince of the realm before he reaches his sixth month – which
will be December 26th.
To protect her baby, Moira has left Hamilton, with her mother hoping that no-one would
think of looking for him in a retirement community. When the mother dies, Doll Reynolds
organizes a smalls, select group of community residents to protect baby Hamilton
Robbins bin Wafiki. They call themselves “The Blenders.”

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